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 Here are some specific hints on how to use the IDM Portal search engine.

Type a word or a combination of words in the query box and click the "Enter" keyboard button or the double arrow button to the right of the query box.

By default, the search engine displays only the pages that include all of your search words. You do not have to include "and" between them. To restrict the search results, include more words.

Further, if you want to exclude a definite word from your search results, put the "-" symbol right before the keyword..
development -gateway

The search engine supports the search of exact phrases. To search for complete phrases, enclose them in inverted commas, e.g. "development gateway". The returned results will contain words exactly in the order you have entered them.

The IDM Portal search supports the logical "OR" operator. To retrieve pages that include either of the words, use an uppercase OR between them.
E.g. "business environment" OR regulation

The IDM Portal search is not case sensitive, i.e. you can enter words both in the lowercase and uppercase. All letters, no matter how you type them, will be understood as lowercase.

If you want to conduct a search by a certain category, make your selection from the drop-down menu (All Portal, News Center, Community Gateways, etc.) to the right of the query box.

Please remember to specify the required number of search results per page as well.